Physics in Formation - from the Winfree Series

Core Concepts - from the Winfree Series

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Swarm and Form - from the Winfree Series

Universal Origins

 paintings and sculptures by Ann Erpino portray black hole dynamics and universal origins. They give intuitive access to interdimensionality, Dbranes, tensegrity, and more.

     The conventional theory that everything  in the universe came into existence suddenly and from nothing requires a religious-type leap of faith. It's  hard to imagine how or why such a thing would happen.

     In the coming months we'll portray, in cinematic form, an alternative scenario to the Big Bang, presenting cosmic origins as a gradual process starting with the tiniest of vibrational blips. The film's fully visualized sequences will impart an intuitive sense of intra and extra dimensions, of black hole dynamics, and of the oneness and vibrating weblike structure of the universe.

Holographic Space Time