Synthetic Biology - The design and engineering of molecules, and molecular structures working together, can lead these molecular  individuals and groups to exhibit qualities such as light, heat, direction and force. With thoughtful conceptualization and design, scientists can 'grow' beneficial molecules.

 paintings and sculptures by Ann Erpino portray black hole dynamics and universal origins. They give intuitive access to interdimensionality, Dbranes, tensegrity, and more.

Artificial Intelligence- Machines can be programmed and 'grown' to do useful things. They could one day have a kind of consciousness, an attention capacity of their own.

     The Erik Winfree and Ann Erpino Science Series 

​Math and Computation  - Math is an ideal, a purity, useful for studying and hypothesizing messy physical realities. Good math is crucial to making controlled observations and discoveries. In the absence of actual physical access to a problem, it can be guessed at, and even pinpointed using mathematical models.

Molecular Programming - Using rna structures in living cells as programmable sensors and controllers for cellular behavior, scientists can design and 'grow' beneficial molecules, creating catalytic circuits, triggered self assembly, autonomous locomotion and so on.

Simplicity - The simplest approach is the most scientific.

   ​​Neurobiology - Organisms have many diverse ways of sensing, perceiving, and otherwise being aware of the world. Our own minds perceive in a variety of ways across diverse conditions.

     Ninety seven science paintings at Caltech examine the complexity, diversity, and engineerability of living processes. Based on life’s mineral origins, molecular programming, self assembly, and synthetic biology, the series also portrays aspects of computation and neural systems, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, quantum physics, and math.

     Professor Winfree and Ms. Erpino worked together conceptualizing each image, developing them around the interests, theories, and research of 98 intellectual collaborators who have enriched Dr. Winfree's scientific life. As Erpino painted each image, Dr Winfree oversaw her progress and provided input and tutoring to enhance this extensive synthesis of science and humanity.

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Holographic Space Time