Backdrop Detail

   Holographic Space Time is a surrealistic cruise through cosmic and quantum realms from quarks to galaxies, from universal origins to black holes. Conceptualized by Ann Erpino, the film presents a detailed visual expose of a Grand Unified Theory, composed of paintings, sculptures, backdrops, sets, and props by Erpino.

   This unique art/science film explores an array  of similarities between quantum and cosmic particle dynamics, and their resemblance to life processes such as neurobiology, evolution, and dreaming, revealing their energetic and computational kinship across dimensions.

Copyright Ann Erpino 2017. All Rights Reserved

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A fantastical deep space documentation of particle worlds, universal hidden dynamics, and the Grand Unified Theory

     Scientific vignettes are set in outer space and depicted with natural elements.

Backdrop Detail

Holographic Space Time

     By watching the similarities of micro and macro scale processes, and of their joint resemblance to life processes,  viewers may intuit their own personal connection to the cosmos, to all life, and to ecosystems.

   Sensing the inherent oneness of everything in the cosmos, and the shared invisible dynamics all around us and through us may promote peaceful, compassionate coexistence.