paintings and sculptures by Ann Erpino portray black hole dynamics and universal origins. They give intuitive access to interdimensionality, Dbranes, tensegrity, and more.

Please join us in discussion, support and financing of this art/science film and its original scientific concepts.

Copyright Ann Erpino 2017. All Rights Reserved

Holographic Space Time

     The universe at its tiniest and largest scales is comprised of dynamic, self-assembled particles and particle systems, each caught in the swirl of a larger particle, from quarks to galaxies, and beyond. 

     Our in-progress short film, Dimensions, Black Holes, and Universal Origins, portrays an array of similarities between particle and cosmological mechanics and properties. The film will later be incorporated into a longer film portraying the similarities of those same dynamics to life processes such a neuorobiological, evolutionary, and dreaming processes.  

Quantum Cosmology