In Holographic Space Time, artist Ann Erpino presents original, visualized theories about black holes and cosmic origins, and demystifies the concept of extra dimensions. She shows quark production by tiny filaments and membranes at the most ethereal level of reality, and the many ways in which these units bind together to yield ever larger particles, each with specific structural and dynamic qualities.

     Interlude - a scenographic backdrop

Holographic Space Time

Galactic set from Holographic Space Time

     Ms. Erpino believes that all of the pushing, repelling forces in the universe (heat, UV radiation, sound, centrifugal force, and so on)  are inextricably linked to the pulling force of gravity, and that none can be measured independently of the others.

     She promises a deep space journey in which these elements are visually linked, with cause and effect, as one immeasurable fluid and vibrating entity.

     Holographic Space Time is a feature length film-in-progress which portrays similarities between quantum and cosmic dynamics, and their resemblance to life processes such as dreaming, neurobiology, computation, and evolution.   

     Please join us in our groundbreaking endeavor, and visit again, as a uniquely visualized Grand Unification Theory emerges on film.

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