Artist's Statement

Artist's Biography

Holographic Space Time

     Award winning painter Ann Erpino earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art at U.C. Berkeley. She worked as a muralist, portraitist, and art teacher before becoming a full time painter.  Inspired by nature, dreams, ruins, and otherworldly landscapes, she has traveled extensively in the U.S. and abroad, visiting archaeological sites and natural wonders for inspiration. Ann has painted over 100 scientific works for leading scientists, translating research, theories, and scientific processes into visual language. 

   Ann's art has been featured at the Chico, California Museum, in films, publications,  theater productions, and on television. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries in California, Oregon, and Texas, and are on permanent exhibit at Caltech's Winfree Laboratory.  She is excited to begin filming her first film, portraying her personal sense of the universe as a unified and interconnected web of vibrations. Ann's visionary paintings and limited edition prints belong to collectors worldwide.


     Dreams, travel, science, and ideas all influence my art. I’m inspired by the beauty and power of nature, and enjoy combining natural elements into metaphors to relay concepts. My paintings tell stories of growth, decay, and renewal, of sociological and environmental concerns, and of the ephemerality and interconnectedness of all things.

   I'm happy when others find their own stories, ideas, and dreams reflected in my art, and discover new ways of thinking or feeling about our shared experience, our connections to each other, and to ecosystems.

   Painting scientific concepts - most of them around abstract and invisible processes - has allowed me to explore scientific interconnections, and to synthesize them with my own long-held visualizations of a Grand Unified Theory, now finding expression in a film.