Dimensions, Black Holes, and Universal Origins  demystifies intra and extra dimensions, portrays a '"complete" black hole cycle, detailing event horizon physics and combining quantum and gravitational forces. The film also presents an original theory and visualization of universal origins.

      While complete in itself, this short film project will eventually be integrated into a larger cinema and/or TV project portraying the similarities between micro and macro particle physics and neurobiological, computational, evolutionary, and dreaming processes.

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A prop in progress

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      Join artists, scientists, and film makers as we embark upon the production of a short film: 'Dimensions, Black Holes, and Universal Origins. The 22 minute Art/Science film is a fantastical documentary presenting novel, easy ways to imagine the hidden universe, and intuit its vibrating, weblike nature.  

All original paintings on this website are sold. Limited Edition Prints are available. and sculptures, props, and sets will be available after  the film's production.

Holographic Space Time