Holographic Space Time

Galactic set from Holographic Space Time

    Holographic Space Time portrays similarities between particle dynamics and neurobiology, dream stages, evolution, and other life processes. With this  feature length directorial debut, painter Ann Erpino seeks to present a purely visualized and intuitive Grand Unification Theory, as a scientifically cohesive work of art. She also portrays original scientific theories about black holes, cosmic origins, and subquark production 

Detail of a sequence in progress

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Props, and sets may be purchased after the film's release. 

Cinematic backdrop

   The dynamics of galaxies, star fields, solar systems, and planets are so similar to the dynamics of molecules, atoms, and quanta (in the mind's eye of one artist), that their resemblance necessitated a fantastical documentary - Holographic Space Time. This in-progress feature film portrays particle realms from micro to macro, exploring the fluidity and entangled nature of energy and matter at each scale.


Micro or Macro?

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