Enhanced with natural sounds, special effects, animation, and original music by Danny Cohen,  we present the series as a visualized, visceral, and academic codification of a Grand Unified Field.  

Samples of style and aesthetics for Quantum Cosmos

     Interlude - a scenographic backdrop

     A nine episode art/science TV series, Quantum Cosmos (working title) awaits investment, cast, crew, and production. This debut film making endeavor by a former professional fantasy and science painter portrays similarities between micro and macro particle dynamics,  and their many resemblances to life processes such as dreaming, sentience, neurobiology, and self assembly.

Set from Quantum Cosmos (working title)

      Our characters live in cooperative and peaceful communities;  their interconnectedness with each other echoes the universe's own hidden entanglements. Through their experiences, dialog, and challenges - both terrestrial and celestial - we portray visualized theories and processes around black hole dynamics, particle production, Dbranes, quantum binding, worm planes, dream stages, cosmic origins, and tensegrity, as well as the power of kindness, sharing, and compassion.  

Holographic Space Time