Holographic Space Time

     Holographic Space Time explores entanglements and similarities among particle (wavicle) dynamics, from quantum to cosmic. It portrays quark production by tiny membranes and filaments at the most ethereal level of existence, then tracks their paths and their contributions to ever larger particles.    

‚Äč     Our film then documents similarities between particle dynamics and life processes, such as neurobiology, evolution, computation, and dreaming.  

     Holographic Space Time blends science and art with organic sounds of nature; weather, water, animals, insects, winds, and supernovae share the stage with music, dialog and action, adding further layers to our documentation of nature's beauty and power. We're excited to present original visualized theories about black holes and cosmic origins in our holographic model.

     Whether one enjoys Holographic Space Time as a visual tour through fantastical realms, as an academic model of the hidden universe, or both, our film promises a novel and striking audio-visual experience.

     For those who muse upon the similarities between atoms and solar systems, or between molecules and galaxies, Holographic Space Time brings their likeness to the screen.  Our feature length film-in-progress portrays a range of resemblances between micro and macro particle dynamics, each adjusted in time and scale to our own range of perception. 

Galactic set from Holographic Space Time

     Interlude - a scenographic backdrop