Interlude - a scenographic backdrop

     Holographic Space Time is an in-progress feature length film portraying similarities and entanglements among micro and macro particles, from quantum to cosmic, and presenting a visual codification of a Grand Unified Theory - linking nature’s fundamental forces with each other, and with life processes such as neurobiology, computation, dreaming, and evolution.  

Holographic Space Time

Galactic set from Holographic Space Time

   ​     Holographic Space Time promotes an intuitive understanding of matter’s wave nature, and of the universe as one interconnected web of vibrations. This art based, effects laden journey through outer and inner space presents detailed original theories, accessible to both scientific and lay communities, of quantum mechanics, quark production, black hole dynamics, cosmic origins, and cosmic binding (adapted from The Binding Problem in neuroscience, and applied to a quantum cosmos).   

     We blend science and art with organic sounds of nature. Sounds of weather, water, winds, animals, insects, and music complement the dialog and action around nature's beauty, power, and interconnectedness. We're excited to present this cohesive holographic model as a visual tour through fantastical realms, and as an academic codification of the hidden universe. Our film promises a novel and striking audio-visual experience.